Thursday, April 30, 2009

Away with Agave and Xylitol


Agave is metabolized slower, so your insulin doesn't spike.

But it also has a higher fructose content than high fructose corn syrup. That should be enough to throw it away.

Sally Fallon said: 'While high fructose agave syrup won’t spike your blood glucose levels (due to its inulin content), the fructose in it may cause mineral depletion, liver inflammation, hardening of the arteries, insulin resistance leading to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity.'


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is also supposed to be a healthier alternative because it also is supposed to not raise your insulin. It is also good for your teeth, so it's probably fine to use it in things like toothpaste. But if you xylitol is not organic, it probably comes from GMO cornfields from China. It also seems very much like an artificial sweetener to me (but not as bad). If you eat too much, then it can also give you some digestive problems. So stay away from it too.

My take on Xylitol - I just bought some, and I'm not going to throw it away--yet. I'll use it till it's gone. The only things I use it for are:
- toothpaste -(I recommend Spry)
- gum - I'd rather not chew gum, but I do once in a while. Like when I'm at a dance, and I have to shout in my partner's face to be heard, I don't want to be blowing bad breath in her face. Or when I'm going to be talking to other people, gum is a must. I take good care of my teeth, but I don't want to take any chances.
- hot chocolate - Hot drinks aren't good for you, so maybe warm chocolate would be a better way to put it. I'm cheap and I don't want to throw away all my xylitol, so I'm going to gradually use up the few cups I have left on hot chocolate mixes.

My take on Agave - I just bought some of this too so I can't throw it away. I may use it on occasion, but it will probably sit in the back of the cupboard. I'll never buy either of these sweeteners again.

Good Sweeteners - Instead you should focus on eating traditional sweeteners:

-Honey (raw)
-Maple Syrup (real)
-Molasses (I've heard good things about Blackstrap)
-Sucanat (SUgar CAne NATural)
-Stevia (the green powder is best and most unrefined)

BUT keep in mind that sweeteners are NOT good for you. You'd be better off without any, except maybe some here in a fruit or other treat.


Taking hot showers

What's better than a 'piping hot' shower on a cold or rainy day? Well, a lot of things are healthier, unfortunately. I have the hardest time turning off the shower, especially in the morning, which is not at all funny.

"Our skin contains special proteins and fats that make up a protective barrier and lock in moisture to protect us from harsh outside environments. Dry winter air, forced-air heating, extremes of temperature and the frequent hot baths and showers we take all strip our skin of this natural protection," says Dr. Megan Moor. So, instead of making your skin more moist, it can dry it, and strip it of it's protection.

Others I've read have speculated that it may be a cause of melanoma.

If you are ever in doubt, ask yourself if your ancestors took long hot showers? The answer is probably not. They maybe warmed their bath water once in a while as a treat, but they probably did not have hot baths or showers every day like many people do. Shorter showers are also better for the environment.

So what are things you can do? Well, try a cooler shower, and make it shorter! Also, it helps to exfoliate your skin every once in a while so you can make sure you don't have dead skin cells building up on it, and your pores have plenty of room to breathe and excrete toxins.

Skin Care Products

Also, I haven't written about it yet, but make sure you are using all natural skin care products. You don't want to be rubbing toxins onto your skin. Don't shampoo your hair every day either. Your scalp produces protective oils for your hair, and you don't want to wash those out every day. Once or twice a week should be enough, but it depends on whether your hair is really oily or not.


And read the comments for other people's experience!